Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Day of K

I cannot believe Lowery finished Kindergarten Friday and is now an official 1st grader. It has been an exceptional year. I cannot tell you how much we love Prestonwood, how much of a blessing it has been to Lowery, me and Steve. People have been wonderful to reach out to us and we would be lost without the friends we've made there.

Also, Denise Thornton is the BEST teacher I could have ever hoped for. Her manner with the kids, style of teaching and combination of love and discipline were perfect for Lowery. I know God placed her in that class for a reason. And Lori Collins, Mrs. Thornton's aide, formed a special bond with Lowery that I am so thankful for. All of us Moms have commented over and over what a wonderful group of kids they were and what an amazing year it has been. Thanks so much to her teachers and school for giving us an unbelievable kindergarten experience.

Lowery received the "Diligence" and "Sweet as a Cupcake" awards. I am very proud of her year and the little girl she's growing in to. My favorite of her kindergarten accomplishments? Her bible journal of all the verses she's studied and learned throughout the year, which she loves to look at and study in her room. That's what PCA is all about and we are so thankful. Can't wait for 1st grade!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

See me on TV?

Don't worry, no one did! Unfortunately I did not make it on the WGN broadcast of the Cubs/Rangers game this past weekend (I didn't make a poster, that was just a joke). But I did gets lots of looks of disbelief and sympathy from just about everyone at the game - and the guys working in front of the first aid station jokingly said they had a bet that I would end up there by the 3rd inning. It was SO hot and the sun was blazing. I really can't believe I actually decided to go - it was pretty miserable but all in all worth it in the end.

Lowery and I spent a lot of time out on the concourse where the breeze and shade were plentiful. Our tickets were perfect and I got to see some of the game, but mostly preferred it where it was cooler. I think we drank about $40 worth of bottled water, I guess a good investment to keep me hydrated. It's amazing what attention a nine month pregnant stomach can get you on a hot day. It seems like it was an open invitation to all sorts of people to sit beside us at the picnic tables and get all of the information on the pregnancy. I didn't mind and Lowery of course loves talking to anyone and everyone (we did have one older man who, although nice, kind of over stayed his welcome - and caused Lowery to ask me why he was carrying around 3 cups of "iced tea" at one time. Ha!)

We had a great day. Lowery enjoyed rooting for the Rangers (vs. me and Steve rooting for the Cubs). During the few hours we were there she racked up a pillow case (that day's game giveaway), two Rangers tattoos, a pink rangers hat, an Ian Kinsler jersey t-shirt, hot dog, a lemon chill cup, pink cotton candy and her portion of the bottled water spree. Needless to say that sugar rush crashed and so did she about 2 minutes into the ride home.

I did manage to make it through the heat without passing out or going into labor, although I don't think I would repeat it if given the chance again. Next time we'll go for the night game tickets! This time last year when we moved here it was well into June before we got much over 90 degrees and we were always bragging about how good the weather was going. Of course now that I'm pregnant we're already in the 90's and to hit 95 this weekend. Isn't that the way it goes? Anyhow, there won't be any more take me out to the ballgame singing for me for a while... Now, Lowery? She made me wash that bright red Rangers pillow case as soon as we got home and already has it front and center on her pink and brown polka dot bed. I think she's ready to go back to a game anytime, cheer for Ian and get that sugar rush going again. So far she's turning out just like her mommy - I remember well all of the days when I was growing up, watching the Atlanta Braves with my Dad and becoming a baseball fan. I think Steve is pretty happy she had a good time at the game, too :) Speaking of, one final point. Ever notice that when Dad goes shopping with the girls at the mall he says no to every justice shirt, purse or jewelry that the little girl asks for? But take her to the ballgame and all of sudden money is no object and we end up with enough Rangers stuff to impress even Nolan Ryan... Hmmm...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

All in a Week as Mom

Last Saturday: Precious little baby shower luncheon with some of my great friends here in the big D. Thanks girls, I had a wonderful time!

Monday: 50's Sock Hop Day at Lowery's School

Wednesday: Whipped up a little chicken and spaghetti, salad, bread and fresh strawberry pie, my husband's favorite meal to welcome him back from a Chicago business trip - and for my parents who were in town. Hips and back felt like I'd been in torture chamber all day so the only reason I mention the meal is to say that it's most likely my last big hurrah in the kitchen before baby arrives.

Thursday: Rescued baby bunny rabbit from drowning in the pool. Dad fished it out with net, we dried it off, helped get him warm and out of shock and back to his Mommy. So glad my Dad has been here the two times I've had to get "wild" animals out of the pool. Is there anything more precious than a baby bunny?

Friday: The answer is yes, there is one thing I can think of that's cuter than a baby bunny - my sweet baby girl. Here she is, only 2 - 3 weeks from delivery in all of her chubby-cheek, 7 pound-4 ounce glory. My doctor's appointment confirmed she's doing great, I'm doing great, now we wait and see what happens in the next couple of weeks. It is close!

Coming up for the weekend? I will attempt to attend a Texas Rangers-Chicago Cubs baseball game in Arlington. Tune in to WGN Sunday afternoon to try and catch a glimpse of me. I'll be the fat one holding up a poster that reads "I delayed labor to come watch the Cubs". Surely that will get me on TV, don't you think?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Start Spreading the News...

To the tune of "New York, New York" - Everyone sing with these lyrics...

Start spreading the news
We're leaving today
We want to be a part of it
First grade, first grade

We're ready to go
We've worked very hard
We're gonna be a part of it,
First grade, first grade

We know our ABC's and 123's so well.
We've worked on sounding out words and stories to tell.

Just ask us to rhyme,
We'll say ten and pen.
We've learned to share and get along
With all our friends.

So now we've made it there.
We'll make it anywhere.
We're on our way...
First grade, first grade!

So proud of Lowery and all of her classmates for the "Greatest Show on Earth" performance, where they proudly sang this little song (her class played circus animals, she was a dancing bear of course). The kindergarten classes did amazing and I haven't laughed that hard in a while. We have had an amazing year at PCA, what a blessing this school has been. Only two weeks left before summer and then 1st grade?? Unbelievable. Seeing the smile on her face with all of these great friends she's made makes me so thankful for this year. We've made great memories!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Baby Name Crisis - Need Your Vote!

Steve has decided that he's not certain about the baby's name. I have to admit that I have had trouble really settling into it as well, but since it was after my grandmother and family I was very reluctant to even mention anything. I think it's the whole 2nd child thing, the name for your 1st fits so perfectly it's hard to imagine another one fitting just right. Plus, Lowery's name is so unique and we just haven't found that other family name fit yet. I am still pretty settled on Elle, but my husband has to be certain.

So remember how I joked when I named her about him wanting to put a poll on Facebook? Well, he did. It's reality and I'm mortified. Sign of the times, I guess, but I just cannot imagine us settling on our little girl's name based on facebook. But I have to say I am curious to get everyone's vote. So, if you want to see our top 4 names and have your say, go to and make a comment on my status. Or you can reply to this blog or send me an email. Choices:

1) Elle
2) Lily
3) Charlotte
4) Olivia - "Liv"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

34 Week Update

It's so hard to believe that I have just a few weeks before Elle arrives. Just a quick update for everyone on what we know so far about baby girl. As of last week she weighs about 5 pounds, 4 ounces, and already has lots of hair (like her sister). I was hoping to avoid a repeat of the Elvis pompadour that Lowery sported at birth, but looks like we might be in for round two. Maybe it will be red - I don't know though, is a red mop better? Probably not.

Anyway, she is completely healthy from what we can tell and doing great. The most important thing is her size, since being underweight is a possible side effect of my blood pressure and medicine. She is just where she should be (maybe even a little ahead). The only thing is that she's turned the wrong way - she's had her head down forever, but flipped last week while we were out to dinner, over a hamburger at Purple Cow to be exact. The ultrasound last week did confirm that she was breach, but we have plenty of time to get that straightened out and going in the right direction.

We are so blessed and happy to see God's promise fulfilled in every aspect of this pregnancy. At this 34 week mark with Lowery I was on bed rest, taking about 6 pills a day and already showing signs of kidney trouble. As of now my blood pressure is still picture perfect, I haven't increased my medication once and everything is going well. I will begin weekly appointments next week (hard to believe) and will have frequent tests to help us know exactly when the right time is for her debut. I have hopes of making it to Lowery's dance recital on June 7th, so everyone say a prayer for her to arrive after that date.

Until then we have a pretty packed schedule so I am hoping the time will pass quickly. I will keep the updates coming!