Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas, BABY!

Well the news is breaking and the word is out, Baby DeVore is on its way and should arrive early in June! All of you know how long this has been on our heart, how long we have prayed and asked for this addition to our family. God is so good and already this little baby is a beautiful representation of His endless love and blessings. We trusted in God and are simply enjoying watching the miracle unfold on a daily basis. The timing is not what I expected, but completely perfect. Not being surrounded by our family and friends in NW Arkansas during the pregnancy and birth at first seemed so odd and sad, but living in a major medical hub where my risks are dealt with everyday is so wonderful and reassuring. This baby being born a Texan? That we're having a little trouble accepting, but if God made it so then longhorn it is. Lowery is already loving this baby and sharing this with her is something that has given Steve and I more joy than we could imagine, drawing our family closer together everyday.

So there is our early Christmas gift, and a wonderful one it is. Surprise #2? We already KNOW if it's a BOY or GIRL! Stay tuned. . .

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SNOW in Dallas???

And here we thought snow would not happen for us this year since we weren't in NW Arkansas! To our shock, surprise and thrill, we awoke to huge, gorgeous snowflakes this morning. The good, wet kind that look beautiful (but don't cause road problems). Lowery was very excited - actually, we all were! What is it about snow that's so magical? We were all running around the house at 7am crazy, like we had never seen it before. But it was beautiful and a special treat. We decorated our Christmas tree last night. We were to go to Springdale to get Christmas decorations from the house last weekend, but after our very tough Thanksgiving week we just didn't have the energy. So we decided to let Lowery pick out a live tree and decorations herself. BAD move. We of course ended up with rainbow lights, hot pink and blue ornaments. And no star or angel for the top, she is making a special craft herself for that. It was tough for us to let her pick out everything, but we had promised. So, we decked the halls last night while listening to Christmas music on XM. And get this - while we were listening, a man called in from Dallas, Texas and said he wanted to wish his parents in Springdale, Arkansas a Merry Christmas. What are the odds? It was a fun night, topped with the special snow this morning. We are definitely in the Christmas spirit - and surprise, more snow is expected for Friday!! Who said we don't have winter here in the Big D? So far, so good!!