Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Hogs

Although the Razorbacks didn't make it a very interesting game last Saturday, the weather was beautiful and we had a good time with my cousin Brandi, her husband Chuck and their two girls Jansen and Isabel.  Lowery is in heaven anytime she is with her "cousins" and they had a ball.  Since the game got pretty out of hand right in the first quarter (and people left early), there were empty seats around us so we could let the girls spread out and have a good time.  I fear that this Saturday's game at Texas will be even uglier than last week, but I will not be a fair-weather fan - so GO HOGS!!  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally, time to blog!

 It has been quite a long hiatus for the DeVore's on the blogging front.  It's been a crazy few days.  Labor Day weekend meant quite a lot of labor around our house.  Girls, you know what I'm talking about - when you have your husband home for three straight days there are things to get done!  We decided last Friday night - way too late I might add - to paint our guest bedroom.  That poor pitiful room has needed some work for a long, long time.  And do you notice how every time before you decide to paint you think it's going to be a piece of cake, it looks so easy.  And every time it turns into a nightmare??!!  It ended up taking us Friday evening, all Saturday and Sunday afternoon to paint the room and get it back together.  We had to take breaks for the Razorback game and church activities, but all in all it took days.  Oh, well - it's done and the room looks much better now (here is where I would have inserted before/after pictures if I would have thought to take them - just close your eyes and visualize khaki and red before to chocolate and green after - doesn't it look great?)

Lowery began a new chapter in her dance career on Tuesday at Rhythm and Shoes dance studio in Tontitown.  Her first lesson at a new place went well - they did the standard Hokey Pokey, some galloping in a line - and did learn a new tap sequence that was nice.  I spent most of the time with Erin and Wendy trying to get shoes picked out for Lauryn, Catherine and Lowery.  We were striking out with either wrong sizes or out of stocks.  Again, could have been a little more prepared here and taken the camera for pictures of the girls.  Sorry!

We are preparing to go to El Dorado for a visit to my family tomorrow - yes, I realize we chose to travel the state while it's covered up with a tropical depression, but they are counting on us so we will persevere.  Pray for our safety!  

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Okay, so soccer is NOT our thing

Well, the All Clean Sparklers had their first real game yesterday evening.  I guess it would qualify as a real game, although the mercy rule could have been imposed at any time.  The Sparklers were more like the "Crybabies" as almost all of the girls on the team, save a couple, came off the field in tears.  And Lowery was in the lead. . .

She got out there all fired up for the first 3-on-3 set but she was running off the field crying in a matter of minutes.   The other team was bigger, stronger, faster - our girls kicked it a foot and theirs kicked it down the field close to the goal.  We decided there must be a Chinese-gymnast-like conspiracy and demanded to see birth certificates, but to no avail.  I think the official score was something like 40 to 3.  The Cheetah Girls knocked us out.

And Lowery?  Well, she got in there and played twice - and 2 out of the 3 times resulted in a running off the field, crying meltdown.  We left the fields with her screaming in the car and we were all spent by the end of the evening.  We got home, Lowery calmed down and proclaimed that she would not be going back.  She only wanted to "watch" the other girls and drink Gatorade.  She said it was hot, she was sweating and she didn't like that too much.  So much for soccer being good exercise for her.  She said, confidently, "I only want to do gymnastics, dance and school.  Those are my 3 favorite things."  

Well, I was worried about us being too busy - so God (and Lowery) just made it easy on us.  Steve is crushed, this was the one "sport" she was participating in and he watched her soccer dreams crash and burn in an ugly, temper-tantrum filled game.  Her short career was over before it even started, I think.  Yep, the All Clean Sparklers are down one teammate.  It's a sad, sad day. . .

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Debut of All Clean Sparklers - First Soccer Game!

The All Clean Sparklers had their first game today!  Unfortunately, they got "all clean"from rain but the only sparkle came from lightning in the sky.  Lowery has been so excited for her first game - the team had a pizza party last night complete with pizza, soccer cookies - and they got all prepared with soccer tattoos, ribbons and uniforms.  Thanks Coach Kyle for such a great party and for getting us ready!

However, all of the preparation could not hold off the weather.  The game was to be at 11:20. We showed up at 10:45 for warm up and the skies were threatening (check out the background in the pictures).  It rained a little on and off, but we were hoping it would "go around" us.  The girls got through warm up and had just started to play with the bottom fell out and the flood ensued.  Lightning was crashing everywhere as we made a mad dash for the car.  We wound up soaking wet, drowned rats.  Maybe it was God's way of keeping us from a loss, as we were already down 1 -0 in the early going.  

Oh, well - the girls had fun and it was a memorable first game.  We have another game on Tuesday and this time the Sparklers will prevail!!  

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First School-Day Meltdown

Well, Lowery had her fist official meltdown before school today.  She couldn't wake up and get out of bed and she was dragging.  I managed to get some breakfast down her and then we tried to get ready quickly.  The "fixing of the hair" put us over the edge.  I was bound and determined to do pig-tails today (bad choice).  It ended up in tears, with her sobbing, "I don't want to go to school!"  I thought, okay here we go.  Steve and I managed to get her out the door and into the car, with the help of faithful friend piggy.  I sat here in anticipation, anxiously awaiting the phone call from Steve to see if she actually made it in okay.  He called and said within minutes she was fine and proceeded to talk about some cows that she saw the whole ride to school.  She was happy to go in and was doing fine.  Whew, crisis somewhat averted.  I tried to get a picture during the sobbing, but she wouldn't go for it.  I will be happy to see her when I pick her up and will be glad to have a day off tomorrow!  Here's to sleeping in!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No Goldfish at this year's Grape Festival

I am a few days behind on this (we actually went to the Grape Festival last weekend), but Lowery had a lot of fun and I wanted to get these pictures up.  The highlight of the festival for us this year is the fact that they did NOT have a game where you could win fish.  Most of you know that we have 4 pets at our house - Ringo, the dog, and 3 fish - Silly, Billy and Chilly (named by Lowery of course).  We got the three fish thanks to the Grape Festival last year - Lowery won that game where you try and throw ping pong balls into a fishbowl.  So at 10:00 pm last year we headed home with a fish - no bowl, no food, no clue.  Anyway, Silly was the first fish - and we ended up getting a small aquarium for him.  And of course he needed "friends" to keep him company, thus the addition of Billy and Chilly.  Chilly didn't fare too well at first and had an "extended trip to the fish doctor" and just came back home a couple of months ago (i.e. the fish died and it took us a while to get a replacement).  

It was also good that the "dragon coaster" was a little nicer this year, meaning the carnival workers didn't have to push a pole back in place every time it went around.  We ended things up on the merry-go-round, which looked like it could lose several horses any minute.  But, in the end, no injuries due to unsafe fair rides.  Just some little girls who had a great time.  And, yes, Steve liked the dragon coaster, too!

First Day of School!

We had a successful first day!  To quote Lowery, "It was great!"  She made new friends, got settled into her room with her teacher Mrs. Russell, went to the library for a story and met her Spanish teacher.  She seemed most excited about playing outside and eating lunch in the cafeterias (note she said nothing about learning anything).  She did great when we dropped her off and she was happy when we picked her up.  Other than a little craziness in the parking lot at pick-up time, everything went smoothly.

I fared pretty well - my sweet husband took the day off so I wouldn't be too upset.  I knew Lowery was ready for this so that made it easier on me.  Steve and I got to have a nice lunch at PF Changs and spent the day car shopping (we do have a new ride, The Silver Bullet - details to come later).  Before I knew it, 3:00 had arrived so it went by pretty fast.  

I'm very excited for her and we are so blessed that she has this opportunity to attend such a great school with good friends.  Her new friend in class, Logan, met her at the hallway this morning and they held hands all the way to class.  Fun times!!  Thank you Lord for a great day!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School Eve

We are set with school supplies, stuffed backpack (which Lowery fell over when she tried to carry on her back) and are ready for tomorrow morning!  We are so excited.  Lowery is starting a 3-day, 4-year old kindergarten program at Shiloh Christian.  Who know 4 year olds needed so much stuff??  Her teacher is Mrs. Russell and we are looking forward to a great year.

What will I do without Lowery three days a week?  I'm not sure I will be able to hold back the tears tomorrow!   But I will fill my time with volunteering for her school, bible studies at Church and times with friends.  Maybe I'll actually get to see a Chick Flick every once in a while!

Here's to Janey, Ashley, Erin and Angela - all of us FBCS girls with little ones starting at Shiloh tomorrow.  I will post details about how it goes tomorrow!!

We are live!

Well, Lowery and I finally got tired of waiting for Mr. DeVore to help us create a blog, so I decided to go solo (or "duet" if you count Lowery).   We love Daddy and don't want to leave him out, but us girls keep up with the gossip anyway.  So here you will find out what is going on with us - the girls and the whole family.

Please post and say hello and look for more to come from DeVore Girls.