Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trip to San Antone

We decided to make a trip down to San Antonio for the weekend (which helped us avoid Halloween craziness and still give Lowery something fun to do). We had a blast and love that city. Old, historic and lots of charm, San Antonio is one of my favorite places to visit. Ever since Lowery got a Disney CD with the Davy Crockett song on it, she has been fascinated with Davy and his history (why who knows). We told her about the Alamo and she has wanted to go. Add in a little Sea World and Riverwalk and you've got the makings of a great weekend. And after swine flu survival we all needed a pick-me-up so it was a great time to go.

We went to Sea World on Friday and Saturday. Friday was excellent because we literally had the place to ourselves - I honestly think we were one of 15 people there, kind of bizarre. We were able to do everything on Friday, we just went back for half a day on Saturday to repeat our favorite things. It was a ton of fun and the weather was beautiful so it was great just to be outside. The dolphins were our favorite, along with the Viva show (which has divers, acrobats, synchronized swimmers, dolphins, whales - the works). Lowery got to ask a ton of questions to all of the workers since it was so deserted - they even took us back to see a new baby sea lion. They had a fun trick or treat event for the kids at night so that worked out perfectly. We also had a great time at the beautiful Clydesdale horse exhibit. Our family picture in front of Bud the horse was excellent and was prime Christmas Card material, except for the whole beer thing so we culled the idea.

We did the Riverwalk boat tour and had a great dinner Halloween night. Sunday we had an outstanding breakfast at an old Mansion in the King William District (the house belonged to Guenther, the man who opened a mill which became Pioneer flour). Lowery made lots of friends with the locals. Then we moved on to the Alamo. We stayed for an hour and a half and Lowery intently listened to the entire guide. Every exhibit, every bit of it. Needless to say I think she is going to be a history nerd, she was fascinated. The highlight of the Alamo experience for her? Her tie-dyed, Peace Love and The Alamo t-shirt she chose at the end of the tour.

All in all it was one of our most favorite little trips together and we had lots of fun!