Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Dancing Hobbit

It's that time of year again, the lovely season of dance recitals. I have to say each year the recitals are bittersweet. I'm so excited to get my girl dressed up and all dolled up and watch her on stage. Not AS excited after her 3 minute dance is over and we have to watch all of the other girls' dances.

But this year, what a wonderful surprise. This is not meant to brag - this studio was simply suggested to us when I met a few people last year after we moved here so we tried it. And we totally lucked out. Based on her lessons and teachers, I knew that the studio was good. But I honestly had no idea until last night. Everyone in my family agreed - all of us, including our parents - that the night was an absolute joy to watch. We were beyond impressed. The dances, talent everything was absolutely amazing, I was floored. I'm so glad Lowery had a chance to take at this studio for the time we were here, it has been a great learning experience for her. I can't wait to get the DVD to watch it all again - and not for comic relief, but to really watch the dances. Anyway, after she missed last year's recital due to her broken arm days before, this year was worth the wait. She had a blast and I was so impressed with her. We had a lot of fun with her friends and watching all of the girls.

Here she is with all of her fellow Hobbit ballerinas, straight from the Shire. I think they're beautiful and they did a spectacular job... Thanks KJ dance for a great year!!