Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Hogs

Although the Razorbacks didn't make it a very interesting game last Saturday, the weather was beautiful and we had a good time with my cousin Brandi, her husband Chuck and their two girls Jansen and Isabel.  Lowery is in heaven anytime she is with her "cousins" and they had a ball.  Since the game got pretty out of hand right in the first quarter (and people left early), there were empty seats around us so we could let the girls spread out and have a good time.  I fear that this Saturday's game at Texas will be even uglier than last week, but I will not be a fair-weather fan - so GO HOGS!!  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally, time to blog!

 It has been quite a long hiatus for the DeVore's on the blogging front.  It's been a crazy few days.  Labor Day weekend meant quite a lot of labor around our house.  Girls, you know what I'm talking about - when you have your husband home for three straight days there are things to get done!  We decided last Friday night - way too late I might add - to paint our guest bedroom.  That poor pitiful room has needed some work for a long, long time.  And do you notice how every time before you decide to paint you think it's going to be a piece of cake, it looks so easy.  And every time it turns into a nightmare??!!  It ended up taking us Friday evening, all Saturday and Sunday afternoon to paint the room and get it back together.  We had to take breaks for the Razorback game and church activities, but all in all it took days.  Oh, well - it's done and the room looks much better now (here is where I would have inserted before/after pictures if I would have thought to take them - just close your eyes and visualize khaki and red before to chocolate and green after - doesn't it look great?)

Lowery began a new chapter in her dance career on Tuesday at Rhythm and Shoes dance studio in Tontitown.  Her first lesson at a new place went well - they did the standard Hokey Pokey, some galloping in a line - and did learn a new tap sequence that was nice.  I spent most of the time with Erin and Wendy trying to get shoes picked out for Lauryn, Catherine and Lowery.  We were striking out with either wrong sizes or out of stocks.  Again, could have been a little more prepared here and taken the camera for pictures of the girls.  Sorry!

We are preparing to go to El Dorado for a visit to my family tomorrow - yes, I realize we chose to travel the state while it's covered up with a tropical depression, but they are counting on us so we will persevere.  Pray for our safety!