Thursday, September 16, 2010


Scene between Lowery and I at the grocery store checkout stand yesterday:

"Mom, can I get some gum?
"No, we have some at home."
Whiny voice: "But I want my special privilege at school tomorrow to be to chew my own gum."
"That's great, and we have a whole pack of cinnamon gum at home you can take."
Tears start: "No, you don't understand, Mom. It has to be my OWN gum. If you read the directions in the packet is says to bring your OWN gum."
"I know, honey - and you are going to bring your own gum, the cinnamon."
"That's the family gum. I don't want to take the family gum, it says to bring your own gum. It has to be my very own."
"Okay, then. For it to be your own gum it means you have to pay for it yourself." Yeah, I've got her now.
Tears stop, immediate smile pasted on. "Well actually my quarter pouch is in the diaper bag and I have plenty to pay for it. So it WILL be my own gum."

Stride Mystery Gum it is.


  1. Ha!! I have had many moments like that with Evan. That boy ALWAYS has money with him. He would even manage to have money at the pool this summer, when all he wore was his swimsuit:)